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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Saudi Research and Marketing Group (SRMG) has a distinct media position in the Arab region, as it is the largest media group in the region, and it is believed that it is important to support and sponsor social and charitable activities in the community. And distinguished national institutions interacting with community issues and supporting their social activities.

This support and care is reflected in the charitable and social activities of the group.   Moreover The group support a number of charities and institutions working in the support of Saudi social work 


Confirmation of the his mission to the community and transfer his Experience to  specialists and interested in the media .The Saudi Research and Marketing group have been making Memorandum of Understanding with The Institute of Diplomatic Studies, which establishes a base of excellent cooperation in the fields of publishing, studies, research and specialized media training, through holding joint seminars on the role of media in international relations and seminars specialized in the fields of media and publishing and the issuance of information and documentation projects.. 

The Saudi Research and Marketing Group also supported the first  forum of  specialized of Corporate Social Responsibility held in Saudi Arabia, in the belief that it is important to support and success of the conference industry in Saudi Arabia...