SRMG: Our new
transformation strategy

More platforms. More content. More voices.

For 50 years,
we've been

bringing you the news that matters.

bringing you the news that matters.

We pioneered print

From Arab News

From news

To lifestyle

To sports and business

To Asharq Al-Awsat

From news

To lifestyle

To sports and business

Delivering premium content

For a monthly audience of more than

165 million

readers, browsers and viewers

Now, we're building
on this legacy

With a new vision focused on new ideas, new
platforms and new capabilities

To bring you the news
and information you want

To bring you
the news and
information you want

on the platforms you use

Key growth
areas include:

SRMG Think

Research and polling

Providing unique insights and expert analysis from the Middle East and around the world

SRMG Media

Digital platforms, podcasts and multimedia

Digitizing and expanding content creation and distribution to engage audiences

SRMG International

International investments and partnerships

Building a global network through bespoke partnerships and strategic investments


Events, conferences and exhibitions

Engagement platforms that provide opportunities for personal connection and engagement in a digital world


Innovation, incubation and training

Fostering talent, technology, creativity and innovation, while training the next generation of media professionals, journalists and content creators

We're also refreshing
our brand

A global media
house from the
Middle East


Catch the action of every game, fight and race


The latest in the financial markets and business news

Expanding to bring you
everything that matters

Expanding to bring you everything that matters


Breaking developments from around the world


Human stories about everything from travel and fashion to culture and entertainment

" Our focus on premium content creation, introducing new platforms and expanding our reach through new titles and services ensures SRMG will be the primary driver of the region’s digital future in media. New platforms will allow our journalists to report news and deliver audience-centric content backed by data and driven by the latest technology, to reinforce SRMG’s position as the premier media house in the Middle East. "

" Our new strategy is an exciting next chapter for a media house with a long legacy of growth and innovation. We look forward to enhancing our engagement with our audiences by continuing to provide relevant and diverse media content, while widening the services we offer and building on our leading media market position. "

Jomana Al-Rashid

Our Future

CEO Message