-    Guided by its commitment to quality content, Al Majalla, the Arab world’s leading current and political affairs magazine, relaunches today to continue to provide insightful analysis into the world's most crucial topics through exclusive interviews and detailed reports.
-    World-leading Arabic writers, global journalists, and contributors will continue to feature in Al Majalla to ensure it remains the leading magazine for global opinion formers, offering in-depth analysis, in print and online in Arabic and English.

Today, Al Majalla, one of SRMG’s key brands and the leading magazine for current and political affairs in the Arab world has re-launched its print edition in Arabic with a new design, accompanied by cutting-edge digital platforms in both Arabic and English. The relaunch encompasses a revitalization of all aspects of the brand, including a new editorial content strategy focusing on premium news, data and analysis, a modern aesthetic, and state-of-the-art technology. The first phase of the revamp is a soft launch with plans to continually enhance the magazine’s editorial and product offerings, in line with evolving consumer habits. 

Al Majalla’s new offering will build on its reputation and honour the legacy of the magazine. For more than forty years, Al Majalla has been a trusted voice for its objective journalism. It is known for landmark coverage, insightful interviews and analysis by renowned writers, opinion formers, politicians, and decision-makers from the Middle East and across the globe. 

Previously led by renowned figures such as Othman Al-Omair, Abdulrahman Al-Rashed, and H.E. Dr. Adel Al Toraifi, the magazine's archives boast a wealth of distinguished and exclusive interviews with noteworthy figures, including UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, US President Ronald Reagan, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, boxer Muhammad Ali, and poet Nizar Qabbani.

As part of the new editorial strategy, Al Majalla will place a premium on rigorous journalism and address global issues with credibility through exclusive interviews and meticulous reporting. The magazine will delve into events through in-depth analysis, backed by data, offering fresh perspectives, with a commitment to being a reliable source of information in an era of widespread misinformation.

Building on the magazine’s rich legacy, the new Al Majalla will meet growing demand to deliver in-depth coverage and analysis to its audience of opinion formers, politicians, business leaders, and decisions makers. This readership encompasses not only the Gulf and the Middle East, but people all over the globe in leading capitals and areas of business in Asia, Europe, America, and beyond.

Commenting on the re-launch of the magazine and its digitalisation, Jomana R. Al-Rashid, CEO of SRMG, said: "The essence of modern journalism extends beyond platform development or technology advancements, involving continuous research about – and engagement with – target audiences, fostering a commitment to editorial principles that align with global standards. This includes everything from crafting press materials and selecting the means of presentation, to evaluating and continuously refining the content and honing media and journalistic talent. 

Al-Rashid added: “Given the legacy of Al Majalla, we have a responsibility to ensure that credibility remains at our core. SRMG continues to champion journalistic integrity to provide audiences with the depth of information they need to make informed decisions. Over the past four decades, Al-Majalla has been a reliable media and knowledge source in the political, economic, social, and cultural spheres. Today we are proud to deliver the new Al Majalla and we hope that the magazine will continue to be held in high esteem by its readers around the world.”

Al Majalla dedicates the cover story of its first print edition to the events as they unfold in Iran, unpacking the impact of change in Tehran on the region. The first issue also includes interviews with Arab and international opinion leaders and intellectuals and features official historical documents and reports on the latest economic and technological trends as well as cultural news from the region and the world.

SRMG has a network of more than 30 media outlets including Asharq Al-Awsat, Asharq News Network, Arab News, Independent Arabia, Sayidaty, Hia, and Al Eqtisadiah. SRMG has transformed its portfolio with new platforms, investments in innovative media start-ups, and long-term partnerships with prominent, international brands such as Bloomberg Media and Warner Bros. Discovery.