Independent Arabia Launches Documentary Mini-Series Titled ‘Amma Baad’

Independent Arabia Launches Documentary Mini-Series Titled ‘Amma Baad’

•    The six-episode series debuts in October using advanced graphic art and animation techniques to target all segments of the community.

Riyadh, KSA, 19 September, 2021 – Independent Arabia – an affiliate of the Saudi Research and Media Group (SRMG) – is gearing up to launch an educational documentary miniseries titled ‘Amma Baad’ to tackle scientific, political, and social topics from a different knowledge perspective. 

The series aims to present and analyse interesting facts about events, concepts, and phenomena that surround us, offering skilfully produced visual content with advanced graphics and animation elements. The Independent Arabia team started working on the project five months ago, holding a series of planning and development meetings with prominent journalists and adhering to international journalistic standards as the series moved forward to the implementation and development stage.

“The docuseries is a new and unprecedented approach to multimedia production, moving away from the traditional methods of producing video, designing images, and animation, to focus on facts and spreading information, which is the most important characteristic of this innovative work,” said Adhwan Alahmari, Editor In Chief of Independent Arabia. 

“A few months ago, Joumana Rashed Al-Rashid, CEO of SRMG, announced the Group’s digital transformation strategy,” Alahmari added. “Independent Arabia has no print publications, we are not a print newspaper, so our digital transformation focuses on activating new media and testing them with various target audiences – an approach that has earned the Group’s support.” 

The new series is scheduled to be launched at the beginning of October 2021. The team working on it includes May Al-Sharif (scriptwriting), Josiane Rahma and Eliana Dagher (screenwriter), Abeer Al-Enezi (directing), Nouf Al-Harbi (editing and graphics), Hussam Al-Olayan (editing), Hessa Al-Ali (narrator management), and Sama Al-Zoubi (coordination management). Editorial directors Adel Ali, Mona Madkour, and Amjad Iskandar also took part in brainstorming sessions, along with Ziad Al-Fifi, Editor-in-Chief for Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.

The first season of the docuseries consists of six episodes set to be released successively starting in October. The ‘Amma Baad’ series was launched in light of the worldwide boom in audio-visual digital content, and catering to Arab audiences’ growing appetite for it. Independent Arabia recently released a series of 10 podcasts to offer Arab audiences rich and tailored content through media that suit modern preferences.

Independent Arabia is the first newspaper to own the publishing rights in Arabic for an international newspaper – the UK’s Independent, founded in 1986. Independent Arabia aims to provide news and analysis for Arab readers that go beyond the news, relying on a wide network of more than 54 correspondents scattered around the world. The Independent Arabia website includes sections on political and cultural affairs, investigative pieces, and varieties pages that cover arts, entertainment, sports, health, and science.