SRMG launches the inaugural issue of “Manga Arabia Youth” Magazine, inspired by Arab culture and values  

SRMG launches the inaugural issue of “Manga Arabia Youth” Magazine, inspired by Arab culture and values  

The new magazine will introduce Arab youth - aged 15 years and above, to original Saudi and Arabic Manga characters along with adaptations of Japanese characters 

The unveiling of “Manga Arabia Youth” marks another milestone in SRMG’s transformation, growth, and expansion strategy  

The magazine aims to spread the culture of reading and writing fiction amongst Arab youth and ignite their creativity  

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – December 16th, 2021: Saudi Research & Media Group (SRMG) today announced the launch of Manga Arabia Youth magazine, specifically curated for readers aged 15 years and above. Manga Arabia Youth magazine features original Saudi and Arabic creative content, newly developed concepts and characters, as well as Japanese characters in an innovative and localized Middle Eastern setting. 

Jomana R. Al-Rashid, CEO of Saudi Research and Media Group (SRMG) said: "The launch of Manga Arabia Youth magazine marks the second phase in the Manga Arabia project, following the successful launch of Manga Arabia Kids magazine. This is yet another step in our group's transformation, growth and expansion strategy. We believe in empowering Arab content creators and spreading the culture of reading and writing fiction. The launch of Manga Arabia Youth is indicative of our commitment to sparking creativity among the region’s youth, helping to develop their skills through training and workshops. It is a strategic investment in a brighter future.” 

Dr. Essam Bukhary, Editor-in-Chief of Manga Arabia, said: “Manga Arabia Youth is an ambitious cultural project, through which we strive to inspire our youth, foster their imagination, and empower them with the unique characters and storylines of Manga. Ultimately, our magazine works to sharpen this generation’s skills and capabilities, provide them with innovative tools to overcome challenges, and stimulate their creative thinking with dynamic storytelling. The potential for this generation to create is incredible and we aim to nurture it through a variety of public programs led by Manga Arabia” 

Dr. Bukhary added: “Manga Arabia Youth features relatable topics and moral tales, communicating the power of patience, courage, endurance, the value of friendship, trust, and more. The magazine is unique, as it provides both adapted popular Japanese stories and original local creative content - all produced to the highest international standards. We are excited for our audiences to get to know the beloved characters of Manga Arabia Youth.”  

The inaugural issue debuts with original stories like Long Live the Dead, an Arabic illustration that delivers meaningful messages such as the importance of searching for the truth, as well as courage, strength, persistence, and forging ahead. Another Arab original concept, entitled Wanderers, showcases the importance of finding your true self, in addition to values like courage, friendship, and cooperation. Juxtaposed with the original Arabic content, the magazine features adapted famous Japanese stories, through content licensing partnerships with Japanese companies and publishing houses, including Kodansha and Shueisha. Among those translated works are fan-favorites Ajin, Vinland Saga, The Promised Neverland, Haikyuu, and Attack on Titan. 

Manga Arabia Youth will be available through a monthly print issue and a weekly digital version that can be accessed and downloaded for free via the mobile application, providing the readers a seamless and pleasant experience. As part of the Manga Arabia project, both Manga Arabia Kids and Manga Arabia Youth will be distinguished from each other through content developed to target the relevant age group for each title. 

For more information about the magazine, follow @MangaAlarabia and @MangaArabia_Y.