Washington: Prince Badr bin Farhan inaugurates the new office of the Saudi Research Group

Washington: Prince Badr bin Farhan inaugurates the new office of the Saudi Research Group

Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Farhan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Research and Marketing Group, inaugurated the group’s new headquarters in Washington in the presence of Dr. Ghassan Al-Shibl, the group’s managing director and CEO, Ghassan Charbel, editor-in-chief of Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper, Faisal Abbas, editor-in-chief of Arab News, and Yasser Al-Ghaslan, office manager The group is in the United States of America.

Prince Badr bin Farhan was briefed on the equipment of the new office located in the National Press Building, which was equipped to accommodate the various activities of the group, and to provide full support for the work of publications in terms of editorial and administrative terms. The Chairman of the Council met with the work team of journalists and administrators, who gave explanations about the plans that The group and its publications intend to work on implementing them in Washington during the coming period.

Colleague Heba Al-Qudsi, director of the Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper office in Washington, presented the development and modernization plan and the use of the best competencies to develop the work.

The visit of Prince Badr bin Farhan, Dr. Ghassan Al-Shibl and the newspaper's editors-in-chief to the Washington office reflects the great interest in developing the activities of the Saudi Research and Marketing Group office in Washington, especially in light of the joint work witnessed by Saudi Arabia and the United States at all political, economic and cultural levels.

The family of the group and its publications are keen to make every effort to follow up on all events and keep pace with the unprecedented political and economic movement that the Kingdom is witnessing, within the framework of Vision 2030, the National Transformation Program and strategic plans seeking to increase and intensify cooperation between Riyadh and Washington.